What A Wedding Planner Does

What Can A Napa CA Wedding Planner Do For Me?

What A Wedding Planner Does

As everyone knows it is “only for one day”!

All examples are actual events that have happened.

Remember, it’s magic that there is just enough time between courses when the speeches happen.

Remember, it’s magic that the florist, bakery, & DJ all show up with the right amount of time for set-up.

Remember, it’s magic that the DJ or photo booth know where they are setting up, and they need a 20 ft. extension cord.

So, if you believe in magic, there is no need for a wedding planner!

But let’s be realistic. My job as a wedding planner is to have the bride & groom define the style, feel, and theme of their wedding. This helps choose locations and vendors that fit.

Communication is one of my most important roles. Not just communicating with the couple but vendors as well. This is a vital aspect that has to happen. Because this creates the seamless transitions, and understanding between each vendor, and the expectations of the bride and groom.

I am also a sounding board for the many parts of the bride and groom’s decisions, anxieties, and wishes. From” I don’t know how to work out the seating chart” to “helpful family/friends butting in to our plans.”

The planning process actually begins the day you hire me. Each and every vendor contract gets a once over so that you as a couple understand the wedding lingo. This way there are no surprises the day of the wedding….such as vendor meal that should have been added to your catering contract, musicians requiring a tarp for outdoor events, or even parking attendants required. Yes, all things missed by the bride and groom, but understood and explained by your wedding planner.

Your wedding takes planning long before we arrive at the rehearsal. How much time? Hours upon hours.

What is your wedding planner worth?

Ask your friends/family who have been to a wedding without a wedding planner. These are a few comments I have heard:

  • “Timing between dinner courses was way too long”
  • “We waited forever for the bride and groom to arrive at the reception so that we could have dinner”
  • “We sat in the hot sun and the wedding ceremony was 30 minutes late”
  • “We could not hear the wedding vows”
  • “No one seemed to know what was going on”

Are you willing to sacrifice one of the most important day of your life in hopes that the MAGIC will take care of the details??!! If not call me – the professional, that can handle the intricacies and challenges of wedding coordination in the Napa Valley and beyond.