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Testimonials from happy, satisfied couples & families

"Lucky to have found you..."

Thank you so much for jumping on this moving train. You have made our journey smooth, and you have prepared us well. Thank you for all the effort and hard work. Not only have you been there answering all of our questions, but you have also done it with a great sense of humor. We are lucky to have found you and thank you for making us feel so special on this important day. 

Love, N + P

"It was wonderful!"

Thank you for your hard work. Without you, this wedding would've been a flop! Because of you, it was wonderful!!!

Love, J + C 


"Nothing but constant WOWS!"

How can I ever thank you for creating such an amazing wedding for our son and daughter-in-law? Where do I begin? Everything was perfect! We heard nothing but constant WOWS!! From the rehearsal dinner, to the wedding day, it was incredible! You are nothing short of remarkable! 

Love, J. ..(Mother of the Groom, retired wedding planner).

"Absolutely perfect!"

Thank you for making our day so special. It was absolutely perfect! - L + S 

"SO thankful!"

Thank you for all you did to make C + R's wedding day so special. Every detail was perfect, thanks to the many hours, days, and months you worked to make it so. I thought of you on Thanksgiving this year, because you are the person we are the most thankful for! We consider you a dear friend. 

Love, D + J (parents of the groom) 

"A Dream!"

Thank you for making our wedding a dream! 

Love, C + R 


"The flowers were magnificent!" 

Thank you so much for all you did for us on our special day. The flowers were magnificent! The colors, bouquets, head pieces, and corsages. It was all wonderful. We will always remember how wonderful you are. And it is great having you as part of our family. 

Love, M + B 

"Above and Beyond!"

Thank you for your superb job in helping with our big day. You helped make it unforgettable! The entire day was perfect. And your willingness to go above and beyond did not go unnoticed. You are the best! 

Love, K + N

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