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Wedding Trends of 2024

Sustainable Weddings

We know that sustainability never goes out of style, so how can you incorporate it into your wedding day? Couples can include elements like seed paper confetti, eco-friendly wedding favors, or thrifted decor in their celebrations. Sustainability not only reduces waste from your day but is often used in thoughtful ways that add to the overall feel of your party.

Bold Colors

More and more couples are straying away from muted and natural tones, and we expect to see that trend continue into 2024. Choosing colors, whatever they may be, helps couples set the tone for their event. Maintaining a color story throughout not only creates a vibe, but it helps your guests gauge your day. Using colors will create an atmosphere unlike anything else because it speaks to who you are.

Micro Weddings

Micro weddings are defined as those having a guest list of 50 or fewer. Through the pandemic, small weddings have been normalized and we aren’t likely to see this trend go away any time soon. Going this route could certainly save money, but oftentimes couples splurge on their guests. They might opt for a fancy restaurant, hosting hotel rooms, or even covering transportation; these are all ways of putting the budget they might have used for a large wedding into creating a luxe experience for themselves and their guests.

Glamorous Details

Every couple wants to feel glamorous on their wedding day, but expanding beyond dresses and suits there are many other ways to make your day feel glamorous. One trend that had a comeback this year is champagne towers. Not only are they elegant but they add some excitement to the pre-dinner toasts, and not to mention the beautiful photos that will come from it!

Retro Design

Retro weddings were thought to be a thing of the past but have made a comeback and are here to stay. The 60s and 70s-inspired styles add some personality to a wedding, not only on the day of, but in the lead-up. Couples are having fun including contrasting colors, patterns, and disco themes throughout. The return of this trend and the modern takes has made this theme timeless.

Interactive and Tech Elements

Interactive elements not only add to the guest experience, but they also make for great memories! A growing trend for 2024 is audio guestbooks, which allow guests to leave messages and wishes through a voice recording. Capturing feelings in your guests’ voices is such a special memory that you can cherish for years to come.

Another fun thing that you can do with your guests is to create a dropbox with a QR code for guests to share the pictures that they have taken throughout the day.

Non-Traditional Venues

Classic venues like churches, hotels, or lavish estates are great, but in 2024 we predict to see couples gravitating to venues that are a little less traditional, and more personal to the couple and their story. Places like restaurants, galleries, or backyards; the locations are endless when you look outside the box.

Midnight Snacks

Ending the night with a sweet treat or a savory snack is a tradition that many couples want to keep. Like the rest of the 2024 trends, choosing something unique to you doesn’t stop at colors or dresses. Some of the trends we’ve seen to satisfy cravings would be McDonald’s or a dessert bar. No matter what you select, your guests will love it!

Statement Sleeves

From 2023, going into 2024 there are a lot of trends surrounding the wedding dress. Sustainable fabrics or reinventing heirlooms will continue to be popular, and fun sleeves, from full-length to puffy, will be here to stay.

There will be other trends we are sure! Though trends are trends for a reason, making choices that work for you and your vision will never go out of style.

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